Symmetry Of Clouds

After breaking my Lee Big Stopper filter ( 10 stops ND filter) during a session at AZCA, Madrid, I decided to buy a Hoya ND400 77mm for my lens. The day was cloudy and there was some wind, so I decide to try the filter and shoot the clouds motion and their reflection on the water. I had to set my camera on a support of a barrier, because several minutes ago I was stopped by security staff saying that trippod were not permitted on the park, as they are considered for pro use. And professional photographers need to ask for a permit before shooting. What do you think about this, taking into account that this is a supposed public park.

Symmetry Of Clouds

North Pond, Juan Carlos I Park , Madrid (Spain)

Canon EOS 450D | Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 DC EX HSM @ 10 mm + Hoya ND400 | f16, 5s, ISO 100.  HDR /DRI from 3 exposures @ [-2 EV .. 0 .. +2 EV ]


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