Lions Watching The Sunset

The main subject of this photo is an sculpture of a lion by Agapit Vallmitjana Abarca (1850–1915). It’s one of the four lions at the terraces of the monument to Alfonso XII of Spain, in the Retiro Park (Jardines del Buen Retiro) in Madrid, built from 1902 to 1922.

The lions were originally of stone, but due to their deterioration they were replaced by bronze copies in year 2000. The lions are in an extreme of the hemicycle of the monument and near the pond staircase.

Lions Watching The Sunset :: HDR :: DRI

Monument to Alfonso XII, Retiro Park, Madrid (Spain)

Canon EOS 450D | Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 DC EX HSM + HiTech ND 0.9 filter@ 10 mm | f11, 4s, ISO 100. HDR from 3 exposures @ [-2 EV .. -0 .. +2 EV ].


The Framed Tower

The ‘Torre Caja Madrid’ (Caja Madrid Tower) is the highest building in Spain.The skyscraper is located at the Cuatro Torres Business Area in Madrid and has a height of 250 m (820 ft) and 45 floors.

The shot was taking during a session with a lot of windy and rainny transients. During one of these, to protect my gear and myself, I went to a hole near an emergency exit at the nearest building, the Eurostar Madrid Tower Hotel (Sacyr Vallehermoso Tower), and I looked up then to the ‘Caja Madrid’ skyscraper, and I saw that I had a great shot using the structure of the ‘Eurostar Madrid tower’ to frame the Caja Madrid Tower.

The Framed Tower :: HDR :: BW

Torre Caja Madrid, CTBA, Madrid (Spain)

Canon EOS 450D | Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 DC EX HSM @ 10 mm | f11, 1/50s, ISO 100. HDR from 3 exposures @ [-2 EV .. -0 .. +2 EV ].

Lambo HD Wallpaper

The Lamborghini Murciélago is a high-performance two-door, two-seat coupé sports car produced by Italian automaker Lamborghini. Often referred to as a supercar, it is powered by a recent evolution of the Lamborghini V12 engine, and is the flagship of the automaker’s lineup.

The Murciélago was introduced in 2001 for the 2002 model year as the successor to the famed Diablo supercar, and was the automaker’s first new design in eleven years, as well as the first under the ownership of German automaker VW. The Murciélago was styled by Peruvian-born Belgian Luc Donckerwolke, Lamborghini’s head of design from 1998 to 2005.The roadster version of the car was introduced in 2004.

This picture of a roadster version with superb orange colour was taken during a Spring at Banús Harbour. This marina was surrounded by a lot of luxury cars. I think that so much of them rented. And the day that the image was taken, I had the chance to shoot different Porsche, Aston Martin and Ferrari series too.

Lambo HD Wallpaper :: HDR

Puerto Banús, Marbella (Spain)

Canon EOS 450D | Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 DC EX HSM @ 16 mm | f5, 1/50s, ISO 100. HDR from 3 exposures @ [-2 EV .. -0 .. +2 EV ].

Temple To Bacchus

El Capricho Park was created in the late 18th century by the Duke of Osuna. This park is one of the most outstanding and unique examples of the landscape garden in Spain. It is a setting replete with romanticism, combining Italian and French influences.

On the hillside in the transition between the forest and the palace, stands the Temple to Bacchus, a piece of unique architectural beauty. The elliptical pavilion, designed by Jean Baptiste Mulot, is one of the most remarkable buildings at the gardens of this beautiful park.

Temple To Bacchus
El Capricho Park, Madrid (Spain)

Canon EOS 450D | Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 DC EX HSM @ 10 mm + HiTech ND 0.9 filter| f22, 2.5s, ISO 100.  HDR from 6 exposures @ [-3 EV .. -2 EV .. – 1 EV .. 0 .. + 1 EV .. +2 EV ]

St. Andrews View

From the top of St. Rule’s Tower, it can be seen this admirable panorama of the St Andrews town, the sea and the surrounding countryside. This tower is located in the Cathedral grounds but predates it, and it was probably itself part of the Cathedral up to the early 12th century. The name of the tower comes from a legend that credits that St. Rule (also known as St. Regulus), brought the relics of St. Andrew to the area from their original location at Patras in Greece. It was beautifully built in grey sandstone ashlar, and immensely tall, it is a land-and sea-mark seen from many miles away. Its prominence doubtless meant to guide pilgrims to the place of the Apostle’s relics.

The ruins of the St. Andrew’s Cathedral are located in the foreground. The cathedral was of the Bishops (later Archbishops) of St. Andrews from its foundation in 1158 until it fell into disuse after the Reformation. The ruins indicate the great size of the building at 350 feet (over 100 metres) long. They are surrounded by a cementery with so much tombs that can be view along the view.

Near the shoreline, at the East wall, they are the ruins of the St. Andrews Castle and the West Sands beach.

St. Andrews View From The Top Of St. Rule's Tower
St Andrews, Fife, Scotland (UK)

Panasonic DMC-FX9 | f2.8, 1/320s, ISO 80.

Almudena Cathedral Reflected On River Manzanares

After being without shooting during one and half months, I decided last Sunday, to go out for a photowalk to the Manzanares Riverside. I had previsualised the spot of the picture previously, so I wait until the blue hour to put my teleobjective lens on the tripod and took a set of 2 x 3 exposures to compose a vertorama. I think that the image is not so sharp for me, cos I forgot to switch off the IS stabiliser.

The atmosphere was puting very interesting after shooting the images but unfortunately, I could not go on the session due to the rain and the short time for blue hour during winter.

Almudena Cathedral Reflected On River Manzanares :: HDR :: DRI

Manzanares riverside, Madrid (Spain)

Canon EOS 450D | EF70-200mm f2.8L IS USM @ 70 mm | f8, 15s, ISO 100.  HDR /DRI Vertorama from 2 x 3 exposures @ [-2 EV .. 0 .. +2 EV ]


Detail of ‘Las Ciencias’ (Sciences), an sculpture of the Monument to Alfonso XII, at Retiro Park. This is a work in bronze by Fuxá Manuel Leal (1850-1927).

The Sciences figure is represented as a matron with a crown, a robe on her shoulders, and with a protractor on her right hand while holding a book with her left one.

Sciences :: HDR

Parque de El Buen Retiro, Madrid (Spain)

Canon EOS 450D | Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 DC EX HSM + HiTech ND 0.9 filter @ 10 mm | f11, 5s, ISO 100.  HDR /DRI from 3 exposures @ [-2 EV .. 0 .. +2 EV ]