Space And Crystal Through A Hole

Another picture from my 3rd session at CTBA. A different view of the Space and Crystal Towers. You are going to hate me, ‘cos I upload a lot of pictures from this zone, but I like the skyscrapers and there are not so much here in Madrid and less with the heigh of these ones.

On my post ‘Bars And Curves ‘ , I showed the lateral view of these structures at the CTBA. In this case, you can see the rooftop of one of these elemenets. I tried to follow the same frame that I shot one year ago. Then, I used a cheaper polarizer filter that created vignetting. I shot handheld and took only +1EV, 0EV and -1EV exposures. I was not happy with this picture due to the lack of sharpness and so little dynamic range of the exposures to create an HDR.

Space & Crystal Through A Hole :: HDR

Cuatro Torres Business Area, Madrid (Spain)

Canon EOS 450D | Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 DC EX HSM @ 10 mm | f11, 1/60s, ISO 100. HDR from 3 exposures @ [-2 EV .. -0 .. +2 EV ].


2 thoughts on “Space And Crystal Through A Hole

  1. Thx for your comment. About the watermark you can see the picture at full size without watermark clicking in galleries and selecting ‘O’ – original size or check my Flickr page !

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