Snapseed Review – Banús Reflections Like Watercolors

I am not an Apple fanboy. In fact, I was a Microsoft fanboy because I have tried Windows beta and pre-releases since Windows 2000 to Windows 7. But I can admit, that I am happy with the last 2 apple products that I have bought:

-The Macbook Air was my option for a robust and light laptop and I am impressed with its performances running Photoshop.
-And my last acquisition, the iPhone 5 is giving me a lot of fun with its photography possibilities.

I am using iOS camera to shot directly HDR, that it was not for the noise problem for iPhone small camera, it would be very useful for a professional use.

But, what I love more is to spend time when I am on a bus, or traveling or a coffee break… editing with Snapseed.

I am not going to give a detailed description of its features here, you can check some good reviews for example at I just go to explain how is my workflow with this app.

Firstly, clarify that this tool is developed by Nik Software. Whose PS plugins ( Silver Efex Pro and Color Efex Pro) I use a lot. As the PS plugins, you have a simple version for its U-point technology on this app that permits to do some local image adjustments like color, brightness and saturation. But in any case, I use this apps to do some just quick, funny and general image adjustments to my iPhone camera images.

In opposition to my usual workflow, I begin adding some sharpness and micro-contrast (structure) with the ‘Details’ tool. Later, I do some colors adjustments (contrast, brightness, saturation and ambience) with the ‘Tune Image’ tool. And finally you can add some blur with the ‘Focal Point’ or ‘Tilt-Shift’ tools.

The following images compares the different editions in Photoshop and Snapseed.

Photoshop Version:
Processing: Lightroom for catalog > Hue/Saturation + Color Efex Pro + Noiseware + High Pass filter Sharpening technique at Photoshop CS6.

Banús Reflections Like Watercolors Panorama

Snapseed Version:
Processing: Details > Structure + Sharpness > Tune Image > Contrast + Ambience + Saturation.

El Ancon Beach, Marbella (Spain)

iPhone 5 @ 4.13 mm | f2.4, 1/270s, ISO 200.Picture with iOS Camera app using Panorama capture option.


Staring At The Sea, After The Rain

This is a good example of how the worst weather conditions produce the best opportunities for photography. After a storm on October in Marbella, I decided to take a walk with my familly , but I brought my photographic gear with me, with the idea of shooting an image like this. When the clouds opened and the sky was going blue, I chose this position at Plaza del Mar in order to show the lines in the perspective and set the hole in the clouds and the model as the ‘golden point’ for the composition.

Staring At The Sea, After The Rain :: HDR :: DRI

Plaza del Mar, Marbella (Spain)

Canon EOS 450D | Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 DC EX HSM @ 10 mm | f8, 8s, ISO 100.  HDR from 3 exposures @ [-3 EV .. -1 .. +1 EV ]

Full Moon Evening At North Pond

This was the last picture that I shot from the session at Juan Carlos I Park. The same day as this post ( Symmetry Of Clouds). In this chance, although I was advised to not use the tripod on this park, I decided for this last long exposure to put my tripod at low height on the grass and take 3 long exposures for HDR/DRI. Before this, I shot 3 more series using the fence as a support. The people that visits my Flickr has seen these images. The full moon reflected on the water and the clouds motion were subjects that I didn’t want to miss, cos the moment was amazing and so quiet, seeing the water and reflections on the pond.

About the shooting setting of this picture, I used a wireless remote control to shoot in Bulb mode, and the metering was done with the camera set to High ISO, calculating the equivalent exposure time for f4 and ISO100. After that I used a 1/4x or 4x for the -2 and + 2 EV exposures. I focused manually using the hyperfocal distance. For this, I use a program called WinMoDOF for Windows Mobile in my phone.

The Fullmoon Mirror :: HDR :: DRI

North Pond, Juan Carlos I Park , Madrid (Spain)

Canon EOS 450D | Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 DC EX HSM @ 10 mm | f4, 80s, ISO 100.  HDR from 3 exposures @ [-2 EV .. 0 .. +2 EV ]

Symmetry Of Clouds

After breaking my Lee Big Stopper filter ( 10 stops ND filter) during a session at AZCA, Madrid, I decided to buy a Hoya ND400 77mm for my lens. The day was cloudy and there was some wind, so I decide to try the filter and shoot the clouds motion and their reflection on the water. I had to set my camera on a support of a barrier, because several minutes ago I was stopped by security staff saying that trippod were not permitted on the park, as they are considered for pro use. And professional photographers need to ask for a permit before shooting. What do you think about this, taking into account that this is a supposed public park.

Symmetry Of Clouds

North Pond, Juan Carlos I Park , Madrid (Spain)

Canon EOS 450D | Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 DC EX HSM @ 10 mm + Hoya ND400 | f16, 5s, ISO 100.  HDR /DRI from 3 exposures @ [-2 EV .. 0 .. +2 EV ]