Path Of Lights And Reflections

The Barajas Aiport Terminal 4 looks so futuristic and it is a great subject for interior architectural pictures.

Unfortunatelly, I don’t have a camera with low noise at High ISO, so I have several tips to shoot handheld for HDR at extreme light situations to avoid camera movement and have the less noise:

– Set your timer to 2 s.
– Set you camera to take continuously the exposures .
– Support your body on a fixed surface, put the camera on one or in any case, put your arms with the best position to not move your camera during the shooting.
– Set AUTO ISO to have the low ISO for a shutter speed that has not got camera shake.

Besides, during processing I select Photoshop to generate an HDR file. For that, I use HDR Pro, and select 32-bits mode and the de-ghosting tool to 0EV or the more underexposed exposure (usually -2EV). Photoshop is better that Photomatix with the pictures alignement, generates less noise and , from my point of view, has a better ghosting removal tool. Therefore these are the reasons to always use it at the beginning of my HDR workflow.

Path Of Lights And Reflections :: HDR :: DRI

Barajas Airport T4 Baggage Claim Area, Madrid (Spain)

Canon EOS 450D | Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 DC EX HSM @ 10 mm | f4, 1/20s, ISO 200. HDR from 3 exposures @ [-2 EV .. -0 .. +2 EV ].


Almudena Cathedral Reflected On River Manzanares

After being without shooting during one and half months, I decided last Sunday, to go out for a photowalk to the Manzanares Riverside. I had previsualised the spot of the picture previously, so I wait until the blue hour to put my teleobjective lens on the tripod and took a set of 2 x 3 exposures to compose a vertorama. I think that the image is not so sharp for me, cos I forgot to switch off the IS stabiliser.

The atmosphere was puting very interesting after shooting the images but unfortunately, I could not go on the session due to the rain and the short time for blue hour during winter.

Almudena Cathedral Reflected On River Manzanares :: HDR :: DRI

Manzanares riverside, Madrid (Spain)

Canon EOS 450D | EF70-200mm f2.8L IS USM @ 70 mm | f8, 15s, ISO 100.  HDR /DRI Vertorama from 2 x 3 exposures @ [-2 EV .. 0 .. +2 EV ]

Almudena Cathedral In BW

For this weekend , an old picture re-edited. New version with some defects in the clouds corrected, new noise reduction in layers with Noiseware and sharpening using my favourite High Pass technique. The black and white treatment has been re-done by following the original version with the ‘High Structure’ preset at Silver Efex 1.0. Nik Silver Efex is the best tool for BW processing with a lot of flexibility and options, and I am waiting for the new Silver Efex Pro 2.0 that is coming this month.

During a winter evening last year , I was walking with my gear waiting for the raining stop to shoot using the reflections. When I was so near to home and I was walking near Almudena Cathedral and this was one of the images as result from this shooting session .

The Santa María la Real de La Almudena is the Catholic cathedral in Madrid.

When the capital of Spain was transferred from Toledo to Madrid in 1561, the seat of the Church in Spain remained in Toledo; so the new capital – unusually for a Catholic country – had no cathedral. Plans were discussed as early as the 16th century to build a cathedral in Madrid dedicated to the Virgin of Almudena, but construction did not begin until 1879.

The cathedral seems to have been built on the site of a medieval mosque that was destroyed in 1085 when Alfonso VI conquered Madrid.

Francisco de Cubas, the Marquis of Cubas, designed and directed the construction in a Gothic revival style. Construction ceased completely during the Spanish Civil War, and the project was abandoned until 1950, when Fernando Chueca Goitia adapted the plans of de Cubas to a baroque exterior to match the grey and white façade of the Palacio Real, which stands directly opposite. The cathedral was not completed until 1993, when it was consecrated by Pope John Paul II. On May 22, 2004, the marriage of Felipe, Prince of Asturias to Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano (known thereafter as Letizia, Princess of Asturias) took place at the cathedral.

The Neo-Gothic interior is uniquely modern, with chapels and statues of contemporary artists, in heretogeneous styles, from historical revivals to “pop-art” decor.
The Neo-Romanesque crypt houses a 16th century image of the Virgen de la Almudena. Nearby along the Calle Mayor excavations have unearthed remains of Moorish and medieval city walls.

On the 28th of April 2004, Cardinal Antonio María Rouco Varela, Archbishop of Madrid blessed the new paintings in the apse, painted by Kiko Arguello, founder of the Neocatechumenal Way. The cathedral is the seat of the Patriarch of the Indies and the Ocean Sea, an honorific patriarchate created in the sixteenth century, and subsequently an honorific title for the Spanish court’s chaplain

Blue Hour @ Almudena's Cathedral #2 :: BW :: HDR (revised)

Catedral de la Almudena , Madrid (Spain)

Canon EOS 450D | Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 DC EX HSM @ 10 mm | f11, 3.2s, ISO 100.  HDR from 3 exposures @ [-2 EV .. 0 .. +2 EV ]

Full Moon Evening At North Pond

This was the last picture that I shot from the session at Juan Carlos I Park. The same day as this post ( Symmetry Of Clouds). In this chance, although I was advised to not use the tripod on this park, I decided for this last long exposure to put my tripod at low height on the grass and take 3 long exposures for HDR/DRI. Before this, I shot 3 more series using the fence as a support. The people that visits my Flickr has seen these images. The full moon reflected on the water and the clouds motion were subjects that I didn’t want to miss, cos the moment was amazing and so quiet, seeing the water and reflections on the pond.

About the shooting setting of this picture, I used a wireless remote control to shoot in Bulb mode, and the metering was done with the camera set to High ISO, calculating the equivalent exposure time for f4 and ISO100. After that I used a 1/4x or 4x for the -2 and + 2 EV exposures. I focused manually using the hyperfocal distance. For this, I use a program called WinMoDOF for Windows Mobile in my phone.

The Fullmoon Mirror :: HDR :: DRI

North Pond, Juan Carlos I Park , Madrid (Spain)

Canon EOS 450D | Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 DC EX HSM @ 10 mm | f4, 80s, ISO 100.  HDR from 3 exposures @ [-2 EV .. 0 .. +2 EV ]